Ohio Christian University Logo

Ohio Christian University, Circleville Ohio February 2014 – Present

PowerShell, PHP, Javascript, jQuery/UI, Html5, Css3, ColdFusion, MSSQL, MySQL, Bootstrap, Drupal 6/7

Most of my time at OCU involves devising and integrating SONIS (School Information Management System) with our web properties, building API’s via ColdFusion and PHP as well as automated reporting/marketing systems with standard PHP or Drupal. Most of our off site properties interact with Sonis via simple Ajax calls and XML/JSON Objects. Using the open source application OsTicket, we heavily modified the application to interface with SONIS and launched the Answer Center’s Ticketing System. Other projects include a redesigned student portal, a Personalized URL system/website for prospects/lead generation, Analytics & Social Media dashboards and a Drupal 7 Landing Page framework for rapid page deployment. With these systems in place, our team of three went from spending $500 per month on Pay Per Click advertising generating less than 10 leads to spending $184,000/monthly generating 3200 leads each month.

John Bocook Logo

Freelance/Consultant Developer, Myrtle Beach South Carolina October 2013 – February 2014

PowerShell, PHP, Javascript, jQuery/UI, Html5, Css3, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Drupal 7, WordPress, PhoneGAP, Bootstrap, Foundations, Pure UI 

While consulting with Rdy To Go, CreativeMMS, Southern Tide Media, Indeks Digital Marketing and others I had the privilege of being involved with many technologies and workflows. Each project required a new skill set to accomplish the tasks. RdyToGo and I developed and launched a touchscreen kiosk located at Myrtle Beach International Airport (Bootstrap/JavaScript), an event planning and management system and mobile app (Rails, PHP, jQuery/UI and PhoneGap) for South Carolina Community Associations Institute.

RdyToGo Logo

Rdy To Go, Myrtle Beach South Carolina April 2013 – October 2014

PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, jQuery/UI, Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, PhoneGap, WordPress

Initially employed for Front-End, my career quickly transitioned to a Full-Stack Developer handling server administration and VPS management/maintenance. While at Rdy To Go the team launched a marketing division to supplement our development efforts of driving tourist traffic to our clients websites.

Interactivity Digital Logo

Interactivity Digital, Conway South Carolina August 2012 – April 2013

PHP, Javascript, Html5, Css3, WordPress

WordPress is the tool of choice for the IM team. Our staff of 8 designed and launched websites for some of the largest hotel and tourism brands on the east coast including Holiday Inn Express, French Quarter Inn, Zero George, Market Common and The Crown Reef. All web properties were required to be coded utilizing no frameworks and only libraries built into WordPress core. Functionality was programmed using vanilla JavaScript and available HTML5 functions. Interactivity Digital relocated to Conway from Myrtle Beach November 2012, This move involved a remodel consisting of in-house networking/server suite construction giving us the freedom to launch a custom Asterisk PBX system.

Battelle Logo

Battelle, Columbus Ohio October 2008 – December 2011

Proprietary Applications, PHP, Html5, Css3, WordPress

The three years spent with Battelle involved as much hardware as it did software. Mostly we would modify Proprietary systems to pull additional functionality not included off the shelf. The Edstrom automation system was adjusted to send a of round robin phone call on alert. We also engineered the equipment tracking and ticketing system and a WordPress/SharePoint syncing plugin for internal documentation management.