I have had the pleasure of working with John for three years with Ohio Christian University, collaborating on several different projects to improve the effectiveness of applications and our student database. I would make a suggestion, and John would quickly construct the suggestion into a fully functioning part of our department’s student database.

It is rare to find someone that can juggle multiple projects across numerous departments at once – for these reasons and much more not mentioned, I recommend John in any endeavor that he pursues.

Sunny Stewart

Ohio Christian University

John has a unique talent for getting people to articulate what they need. This is an incredibly valuable skill, especially when the person requesting the solution has no concept of the abilities or limitations of a platform. Not only does this allow him to get his customer’s vision much quicker, but also allows him the extra time to anticipate the tweaks, improvements, and efficiencies they haven’t even thought of yet.

Matthew Weinert

Cardinal Health

John is a highly motivated, detailed, and creative programmer! I’ve never met someone so eager to learn new things, and quick to implement them!

John’s knowledge of the full stack is awesome, and he is always willing to share his knowledge and ideas.

Chad Myers


You can rely on John. He gives 100% to every project he takes on. He is resourceful and knows what he is doing. I feel confident that John will get the job done right and fast. He is very flexible to work with and when we hit obstacles, you won’t hear John complaining or looking for excuses. He keeps on working and is very responsible. So grateful we found this diamond to work with.

Kevin young


John is the Swiss-Army knife of coworkers. He is well versed in a wide variety of technical areas. As a developer, I’ve seen John create some great looking websites that functioned flawlessly. He was always quick to respond with answers to my technical questions and fix any bugs that came up during our efforts. He also handled many of the IT issues that arose and was able to reach to right solution even if he didn’t have experience with the issue previously.

John is a very valuable asset to any company because of his development skill and experience, but his countless other skills are what makes him truly invaluable. Feel free to contact me and we can speak further if you are considering hiring John.

Phil Foriska

Fuel Interactive

John is a very talented individual. His ability to find solutions to a multitude of problems is his greatest asset. John is the kind of guy that you explain an issue to and then let him work. His skill-set allows him to be a valuable resource across many different projects. From website design to office networking, John is the consummate self-starter and problem solver.

I highly recommend John Bocook. Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn regarding my experiences with his work.

Stan Stephens

Long Point Digital

John is very motivated to learn new things and will do so very quickly. He hardly ever says he can’t do something. John is always determined to do that best he can. He has taught me so much about coding since we started working together.

Lisa Cartrette

The Brandon Agency

John is an extremely hard worker. He is very passionate about what he does. His talent is helpful to the entire team. John is always willing to take the time to teach others the necessary tools and programs in order to give success to the company and help grow the individuals strengths. He is extremely dedicated and will work as much as needed until the job is complete. He is a great asset to any team and a pleasure to work with.

Nicole Detsch

Duplin Winery